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Ultrasonic USB Desktop Humidifier for Dry Air Relief



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Enhanced air quality: This ultrasonic humidifier improves air moisture, ideal for alleviating dry skin and respiratory discomfort.

Compact and portable: Its small size and USB power source make it perfect for office desks or bedside tables.

Quiet operation: With less than 36db noise, it ensures a peaceful environment for work or sleep.

Efficient humidification: Delivers a mist output of 20-40ML/H, maintaining comfortable humidity levels.

Safe and reliable: Features water-shortage power-off protection for added safety.

Combat dry air effectively with this Ultrasonic USB Desktop Humidifier. Designed for personal spaces, this compact humidifier is perfect for small rooms and office desks. It operates quietly, making it ideal for use while sleeping or working. The humidifier is powered by USB, offering convenience and portability. With a capacity of 250ML, it provides efficient humidification without frequent refills. The ultrasonic technology ensures a fine mist for optimal air moisture, beneficial for skin and respiratory health. The device also includes safety features like water-shortage power-off protection, ensuring it turns off when the water level is low. This humidifier is a practical solution for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.

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