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Pet Treat Dispenser Tumbler

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Interactive Fun: Keep your pets engaged with this interactive tumbler dispenser. It releases treats as they play, providing a fun and rewarding challenge.

Durable Design: Made from tough plastic, this tumbler is built to last. It withstands rough play, ensuring your pets have lasting fun.

Adjustable Difficulty: Customize the treat release to suit your pet’s skill level. This feature keeps the game interesting and challenging for them.

Enhances IQ: The built-in labyrinth design prolongs the treat release, stimulating your pet’s problem-solving skills.

Easy Refill: Simply open the top cover to refill with treats.

The adjustable barrier controls the treat flow, making it easy to manage.

This tumbler toy is designed to keep your pets entertained and active. By filling it with their favorite snacks and adjusting the difficulty level, pets can enjoy hours of fun. The durable plastic material ensures it can withstand playful pets. It’s not just a toy but a way to enhance your pet’s IQ through interactive play. The built-in labyrinth device expands food flowing time, making it a challenging game that holds their attention. The three air outlets on top attract pets by letting the food’s aroma escape, encouraging them to chase the ball. It’s easy to use, with a top cover that opens for food filling and an adjustable barrier for controlling food speed. This toy serves as an excellent way to reduce pet anxiety and loneliness, especially when you’re not at home. It provides a mental workout, keeping your pet engaged and happy.


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