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Bluetooth Starry Sky Projector Night Light for Relaxing Ambiance

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Relaxing Visual Experience: Create a soothing atmosphere in your space with this starry sky projector. Its 15 unique water patterns and green laser gypsophila offer a mesmerizing visual feast.

Remote Control Convenience: Easily adjust settings such as color, speed, mode, and brightness with the included remote control. Tailor your experience to your mood and preference.

Versatile Music Playback: Featuring a built-in Bluetooth speaker, enjoy high-quality sound with heavy bass. Supports U disk, card reader, and Bluetooth for music input.

Energy-Efficient LED: Utilizes RGBW2*4W LED lights, combining energy efficiency with powerful illumination.

Easy Power Supply: Powered by a USB line, this projector is convenient to set up and use anywhere.

Transform any room into a tranquil haven with this LED Starry Sky Projector. Equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, it not only projects a captivating array of colors and patterns but also lets you enjoy your favorite tunes. The projector offers 15 different water ripple effects, which can be combined or used separately, adding versatility to your ambiance. The remote control enhances user convenience, allowing you to adjust the color, speed, and mode of the water ripple, as well as control the music and brightness. The built-in Bluetooth speaker delivers high-quality sound with heavy bass, perfect for creating a relaxing or romantic atmosphere. The projector is energy-efficient, using RGBW2*4W LED lights, and is powered by a USB line, making it easy to set up in various locations. Whether for a child’s room, a meditation space, or a romantic evening, this projector adds a magical touch.

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