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Holiday Turkey Ornament in Eco-Friendly Materials



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Eco-Conscious Design: Crafted from sustainably sourced birch wood or 100% recycled office paper, this ornament is an eco-friendly addition to your holiday decor. Its 3-inch size makes it a perfect fit for any Christmas tree.

Artisanal Quality: Each ornament is laser-cut with precision, offering a detailed and unique design that stands out. The natural wood back adds a rustic charm.

Versatile Use: Not just for decoration, this ornament can double as an essential oil diffuser. Just add a few drops to the wood back for a festive aroma.

Local Craftsmanship: Proudly designed and crafted in San Diego, California, this ornament supports local artisans and minimizes carbon footprint.

Safe and Natural: With no additives used in the paper version and a smooth, glossy finish, it’s safe for all ages and gives a sleek look to your holiday decorations.

Embrace the holiday spirit with this beautifully crafted Turkey Ornament. Made from eco-friendly materials, it’s not just a decoration but a statement of sustainability. The ornament, available in birch wood or recycled paper, showcases intricate laser-cut designs. Its 3mm thickness (birch wood) or 2mm thickness (paper) ensures durability while maintaining a delicate appearance. The natural wood back of the birch version and the satin finish of the paper version add to its aesthetic appeal. Locally sourced and crafted, this ornament is a testament to skilled craftsmanship and environmental responsibility. Whether used as a traditional ornament or as an essential oil diffuser, it brings a unique and meaningful touch to your holiday decor.

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