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Healing Selenite Crystal Lamp for Serene Ambiance

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Healing Properties: Selenite is known for its peaceful essence and high vibration, making it perfect for healing and meditation. Its association with the crown chakra enhances mental clarity and spiritual connection.

Self-Cleansing Crystal: Unique among stones, Selenite doesn’t require cleansing or recharging, maintaining its energy independently.

Home Harmony: Placing Selenite around your home ensures a peaceful environment, harmonizing the space with its gentle energy.

Guardian Angel Connection: Use this lamp to connect with your Guardian Angel or Spiritual Guides, fostering a deeper spiritual journey.

Crystal Clearing: Ideal for clearing other crystals of negative energies, Selenite enhances the purity and effectiveness of your crystal collection.

Experience the serene ambiance and spiritual benefits of our Selenite Crystal Lamp. Crafted from naturally occurring Selenite, each lamp is unique in size and shape, typically ranging from 11 to 13 inches in height and approximately 4.5 inches in width and depth. The lamp’s gentle glow brings a sense of calm and clarity, making it an ideal addition to any meditation or relaxation space. Its self-cleansing properties ensure a consistently pure energy, while its connection to the crown chakra opens pathways to higher spiritual realms. Perfect for those seeking a peaceful environment, this lamp also serves as a tool for crystal cleansing, enhancing the energy of other stones in your collection. Whether used for meditation, spiritual connection, or simply as a beautiful home decor piece, this Selenite lamp is a must-have for anyone interested in crystal healing and spiritual growth.

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Size: 13 In. x 4.5 In. x 4.5 In.

Weight: 3 Lbs.

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