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Soothing LED Selenite Crystal Lamp

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Enhance your space with the calming glow of our LED Selenite Crystal Lamp: includes a long-lasting tealight for ambient lighting.

Experience the serene vibes of Selenite, known for its crown chakra connections and ability to foster communication with spiritual guides.

Enjoy the benefits of a cleansed aura, as Selenite is renowned for purifying other crystals and promoting a tranquil environment.

Ideal for meditation, this lamp aids in creating a peaceful space for spiritual practices.

A perfect gift, each uniquely handcrafted lamp adds a harmonious touch to any setting, crafted by Moroccan artisans.

Our LED Selenite Crystal Lamp offers not just illumination but a serene ambiance to any room. Its warm yellow flame, powered by a CR2032 battery, ensures a cozy atmosphere for up to 100 hours. Selenite crystals, with their peaceful essence, are perfect for those seeking to cleanse their space of negative energies or connect with higher realms. This lamp serves as an excellent meditation tool, enhancing focus and spiritual alignment. Its portable size makes it an ideal harmonizer for various spaces, from nightstands to office desks. Each piece, with its distinct shape and size, showcases the unique beauty of hand-cut Selenite by Moroccan artisans. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the lamp is a conduit for spiritual protection and calm, embodying the healing mission of CuartoAstral.

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