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Elegant Smudge Stick Bundle

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Experience the calming ambiance: Ignite this carefully crafted smudge stick to purify your space and foster a serene atmosphere. Its natural herbs and flowers offer a gentle, soothing aroma that uplifts the spirit.

Authentic blend for wellness: This bundle features California White Sage and Red Dollar Eucalyptus, enriched with Cloud Flower and Purple Sinuata. Ideal for meditation, it enhances your environment with a harmonious balance.

Artisan-crafted with care: Each stick is hand-assembled, ensuring a unique touch to your spiritual practices. The inclusion of natural flowers adds a delicate beauty, making it not only a tool for cleansing but also a piece of art.

Versatile usage: Perfect for smudging rituals, this stick aims to cleanse, protect, and invite positive energy into your home. It’s suitable for various ceremonies or daily use, providing a grounding presence.

Eco-conscious choice: Made with sustainably harvested ingredients, this smudge stick respects the earth and its resources.

Its eco-friendly approach guarantees peace of mind, knowing you’re contributing to environmental well-being.

Ignite this artisan-crafted smudge stick to purify your space and bring about a sense of calm and balance. Comprising California White Sage, Red Dollar Eucalyptus, Cloud Flower, and Purple Sinuata, it’s designed to enhance your meditation practices and spiritual rituals. With each stick hand-assembled, it adds a unique, artistic touch to your environment while ensuring a gentle, soothing aroma. Perfect for smudging ceremonies or daily use, it invites positive energy into your home, serving as a tool for cleansing and protection. Made with sustainably harvested ingredients, it’s an eco-conscious choice that respects the earth’s resources, offering peace of mind and a grounding presence.

california white sage, red dollar eucalyptus, cloud flower, purple sinuata, smudge stick, spiritual cleansing, meditation aid


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