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Portable Two-Tier Lunch Container for Easy Meal Prep

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Compact and convenient: This two-tier lunch container is designed for easy meal preparation and portability, ensuring your meals stay organized and fresh.

Integrated utensils: Comes with a spoon and chopsticks, providing everything you need for a comfortable dining experience on the go.

Microwave safe: Heat your meals with ease, as this lunchbox is fully microwavable, making it perfect for quick lunchtime reheating.

Leak-proof design: Say goodbye to spills and leaks, thanks to its secure and leak-proof construction.

Durable material: Crafted from sturdy plastic, this lunchbox is designed to withstand daily use and is a reliable choice for your meal-prep needs.

Discover the ultimate solution for your meal prep needs with our Portable Two-Tier Lunch Container. This sleek and minimalistic lunchbox is designed for convenience and efficiency. Its two-tier structure allows for easy organization of different meal components, ensuring they stay fresh and intact. The inclusion of a spoon and chopsticks makes it a complete set for dining anywhere. Being microwaveable, it’s perfect for those who need a quick and easy reheating option during busy workdays. The leak-proof design ensures no mess in your bag, making it a reliable choice for on-the-go meals. Additionally, its durable plastic construction guarantees longevity, even with daily use. Perfect for office workers, students, or anyone who enjoys a well-organized meal, this lunchbox is a must-have for a hassle-free lunch hour.

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Size: 7 In. x 4 In. x 4 In.

Weight: 16 Oz.

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